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Discover Ayaology

Ayaology -  An American Founded Entheogen Religious school.

Ayaology is a Mother Aya-based entheogen religious school founded by Shaman Steve Hupp in America. Think of it as Shaman University.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Ayahuasca and Ministry Program is to equip students to provide quality leadership for the Church by introducing them to a general working knowledge of basic pastoral, general, Aya ministry skills and to a strong foundation for vocational ministry in the local church.


Graduates will:

  1. Develop entry-level ministry skills for ceremonial settings.

  2. Demonstrate a working knowledge of Ayahuasca content and methods of Aya application.

  3. Be able to prepare and deliver ceremonies and lessons that effectively communicate Aya truth and its contemporary significance.

  4. Integrate Aya understanding and ceremony skills into a working approach to church leadership.

  5. Be able to service people in difficult or crisis situations, and to share their faith with non-believers.

  6. Be equipped and motivated to grow and develop Aya's ministry perspective An competencies after graduation, understanding that preparation for Aya ministry is a life long pursuit.

Programs Offered

  • Bachelor of Arts, Aya's Ministry

  • Minor in general Ministry

  • Graduation Requirements

  • Deliver an acceptable ceremony .

  • Demonstrate an appropriate internship.

  • Satisfy all General Graduation Requirements.

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